About Us

Our goal is to help each client bring health and fitness into their life. Fitness and healthy eating is a lifestyle and we are here to guide you through it with hard work, dedication, and many laughs. Even though some workouts may be difficult, we want to make sure you are having a good time working out.

Our studio offers smaller class sizes so we can make sure each client is getting the most out of their workout. By watching each client carefully we can suggest modifications if there is a previous injury, or if something is too difficult.

It’s Time to Raise the Barre

Raise the Barre Fitness offers a variety of choices to fit each person’s needs and goals. From the extremely fit and athletic to the person who has never exercised before, Raise the Barre Fitness has a class for you. We also have private, one-on-one appointments for clients that don’t feel comfortable in group classes.

So come in and join us for a class and start developing leaner legs, scuplted arms and hardcore abs.



  • $40: Single Group Session
  • $290: 10 Sessions
  • $500: 20 Sessions


  • $25: Single Session
  • $190: 10 Sessions
  • $299: 20 Sessions